Susanne B – “Linda…brings total joy to our class.  Firstly, she is an excellent motivator and encourages everyone to participate to one’s best of abilities. At times she challenges us to do better, and thus we exceed our expectations. Secondly, she has a strong knowledge of water aerobics and varies our routines so that we continually feel engaged and energized. And finally, she has a very positive and inclusive attitude. As a result, our group is very cohesive and we’ve developed great friendships of varied ages and backgrounds.  I would also like to note that Linda’s instruction has transferred over to improving other areas of my life such as mood, flexibility, balance and golf. On my last golf trip I noticed that my core was much more solid and was hitting the golf ball much straighter and even further. Since I started Linda’s class…and this is the main focus of my exercise, I believe this must be attributed to her twice-weekly class.” – (Participant since 2018)

Beth P – “I have participated in Aqua Fit class taught by Linda for over 2 1/2 years… Linda is very enthusiastic and successful at energizing her classes. Her enthusiasm makes it fun and interesting to partake in them. I have taken water aerobics classes, taught by Linda, on a regular basis. I have successfully lost weight, gained strength, and mobility as well as more energy. In the past, I haven’t found myself as engaged in fitness classes. Linda mixes it up and each class is a different adventure. She brings new moves and experiences to the workouts. Linda makes each session easier to engage in and enjoy. Linda is able to judge the needs of her students and based on her assessments, vary the level of intensity of the sessions. Linda can be very accommodating & helpful with newer or less experienced students. She offers adaptations for members with any physical issues or concerns, while making all of her students feel comfortable. I highly recommend Linda. She is not only effective instructor, but pleasant, helpful & kind.”- (Participant since 2016)

Ellen W – “I’ve been doing Aqua Aerobics for 30 years and Linda is by far the best instructor I’ve ever had.  Why? She doesn’t just repeat the same routine over and over, she comes up with new moves, she changes the lineup every time, and she creates special events to motivate us. Linda works hard to make sure that her students understand WHY they’re doing what they’re doing. She explains which muscles are being worked and she moves us through a complete and balanced body workout each day. I have grown stronger since being in Linda’s class for 5 years.  I work harder in her class than I did with other teachers, and I work with more focus.  My low back problems have been minimized through my classes and my flexibility as an older person is high.  Linda helps me look and feel 10 years younger!” – (Participant since 2012)

Jennifer M – “Linda’s Aqua Fit class is a great workout.  She keeps things fun while challenging the group to push themselves a little further every time we meet.  Our Aqua Fit class is so much fun… we have a great workout as we clap, laugh and dance together in the pool.” – (participant since 2018)

Cindy D – “I have been taking the aqua class…for many years with Linda. She is a great instructor. I’m in my 50’s and I know taking her class keeps me more flexible and gives me a good cardio workout. She keeps it fun and has a good following of regular clients.” – (Participant since 2018)

Meg – “Linda…has been teaching…for a number of years and has a loyal following.   She is a great instructor and keeps us moving and it’s lots of fun too.  We really enjoy her classes.  Linda keeps the class interesting with lots of variety also.” – (Participant since 2018)

Leslye O – “Linda Ousley, the best Aqua-Fit Aerobics instructor I have ever had….Over the past 30 some years I have taken water fitness classes at various gyms in the Twin Cities. But none of those facilities ever had a teacher equal to Linda, her masterful class plans, her compassion for her students or her precise strengthening skills.  By profession I am a theater artist/instructor, and former dancer, who tours original plays. I taught Voice and Movement as a company member for the Minneapolis Children’s Theater Company for ten years. Also, I am legally blind, and a disability advocate who promotes inclusion in the arts. As a speaker/specialist through an appointment by the U.S. Department of State, I traveled with my show Hand in Hand, about the possibilities of disabilities, and appeared through American embassies abroad. Currently, My husband, theater artist, Zaraawar Mistry and I own and operate Dreamland Arts, a performing arts studio and 40-seat theater in St. Paul.  I share my low vision reality because it is admirable how Linda knows when I or other older women in the class with limitations need assistance. She keeps us well informed and on track. My theater history is relevant here because it involved years of physical discipline. So, at the gym I seek out only those instructors who use anatomically correct exercises that creatively inspire their students through the knowledge of their craft. This is where Linda shines. She wisely uses her gentle yet commanding voice with total clarity over the hollow acoustics in the pool area and her timing makes it easy for us to follow her lead. She enhances all her sessions with music that has us singing along some days while we pump our legs and arms to the max. Linda invites us just by her perceptive presence to be her captive audience, while making us feel like we are her stars.  For us in the pool…Linda serves as an amazing aerobic instructor. But, I also feel her talents extend beyond teaching group classes. She would also be a great asset to anyone recovering from an injury who is in need of hydrotherapy. Above all, I feel wherever Linda teaches she will enhance any program, because the pool will always be full of her fans. ” – (Participant since 2016)

Yvonne S – “You were encouraging us the first of the year to think about making goals for the coming year-specifically in regards to our health/fitness.  In thinking about it, I recalled why I started in your water aerobics class.  A little over a year ago I was recovering from a leg injury that had kept me from exercising for about six months.  I wanted to get more active and allow my leg to finish healing.  I found there was much more to be gained from the class: strength, flexibility, increased balance and overall fitness.  And, you make it fun. You bring a level of enthusiasm and playfulness that keeps it fresh. Plus a depth of knowledge about activities that help people meet their goals without being repetitious. It’s a rare workout class that I’ve participated in that I truly looked forward to and I certainly do your class.  So, as I am more able to increase my level of participation I will.  I’m also able now to do other fitness routines. Thank You Linda!” – (Participant since 2018)

Ramona R – “The reason I took the (aqua) class was because I was having some nerve problems in my left arm, toes and my left leg. I’m amazed how much these classes have helped me. Linda is an excellent instructor and I attend these classes faithfully every week. Since I been taking these classes with Linda as my instructor I rarely feel the numbness in my arm, leg and toes; it’s amazing. This class has truly been rewarding for me.” – (Participant since 2017)

Dan W – “I have been taking an aqua fit class from Linda for about 1.5 years.  Her class is fun and at the same time focused on exercising the entire body.  I have taken classes from other instructors over the years and can honestly say Linda’s class has been the most rewarding.  I take her class as part of an overall fitness regimen in order to maintain my health.” – (Participant since 2018)

Sandy L – “So glad I started the new year with being more active. Linda has great energy, helps with my attitude about getting into a pool in the middle of winter.” – (Participant since 2016)

Sara L – “I have been taking water aerobics class with Linda for a number of months. I really enjoy the classes.  Linda is a great motivator. She keeps it positive and keeps us on our toes. She varies the routine, brings great music and it’s never boring. I feel like I’m in better shape after taking the classes.” – (Participant since 2017)

Jim L – “Thank you for sharing your great ministry and talent… There is something about the movements you do to song in a worship setting that I find tremendously inspiring.” 

Lakisha L – “I just want to say your dancing changed my life! I know without a doubt that you are anointed by GOD in this field…” 

Meghan – “…a fun and great learning experience.  Thanks for your thorough work!” – (PSG Workshop participant)

Ruth L – “…has been a life changing experience.” – (PSG Workshop participant)

Janelle – “A wonderful new way to express your love of God. Inspiring!” – (PSG Workshop participant)

Sandy – “Very uplifting and powerful!” – (PSG Workshop participant)

Melynie O – “I’ve learned more about God, praise and worship. It’s not just about movement!” – (PSG Alumni 2005, 2015)

Adrienn B – “Being in this dance class has made me look at praising God in a different way…” – (PSG Alumni/participant, 2005, 2015)

Verlynda P –  “Over the past weeks we learned…about how we worship, who worships…WHO we worship, and why we worship.” – (PSG participant)

Anisia B – “I’ve learned how to praise God…in every way, shape and form. I learned to surrender my heart.” – (PSG Alumni/participant, 2005, 2015)

Annette D – “When God opens a door of opportunity to expand your mode of operation it usually seems strange to the senses yet an adventure you’re willing to take. ‘A Dance In Praise’ gave me such an arena to explore parts of me that I had been afraid  to release. I no longer concentrate on movement. ‘A Dance In Praise’ helped release me to express what God had given, and the atmosphere to give it back to Him, Worship! …Linda, teaches us to enter the Throne Room just as we are, no competition or sense of disapproval, but a heart full of love for our Father. Every song has meaning and the dance steps reflect that. I am greatly blessed by the group.”- (PSG Alumni)