“Do you want to learn how to choreograph powerful dances? Sharpen your skills in movement?  Gain confidence in coming before an audience? Or, perhaps you desire to Be fit/Get fit, for a healthier lifestyle?  You have that, and so much more in you, allow me to draw it out.  I will provide you with a blueprint by teaching, and training you to be impactful in your gifts and talents. 

Praise Station Groups is the umbrella over which the below components are being contained.  Each component will serve as a tool to empower, train, equip and/or enhance livelihood; ‘custom-fit’ for your specific need.  Here’s what we offer:

*A Dance in Praise – A Dance in Praise is a dance ministry which offers more than dance, technique and creative movement.

  • Our mission is to interpret the heart of God through various and diverse forms of artistic demonstration. We also establish a spiritual foundation based upon the Word of God for praise, and worshipping our King, as ministered through dance, movement and creative dramatic expression. For ages 10–110.   (No prior dance experience necessary).
  • Workshops Learn how to do what you do, with a spirit of excellence
  • Seminars We all are wonderful creations with Kingdom purpose. With that in mind, our focus is to have spirit-led gatherings that are specifically designed, or ‘tailor-made’, to edify you and help build a Kingdom image from the inside out.

*Fit For Praise Instruction for individuals or groups by a certified professional. Geared towards a variety of age groups. We offer low/mid impact level specialty class sessions in:

  • Mornin’Glory (stretch/flexibility)
  • Dance-r-cise (exercise in motion) 
  • Gold’n Steps  (motivation 4 the mature)
  • Aqua Fit  (water/movement)

* Daughters of the King (mentorship for women, 16+). What does it mean to be a daughter of the Most High?  Daughters of the King is a time of fellowship for a weekend of ‘me’ time. Connect with other like-minded young women who are on the same journey you are. We offer empowerment activities for personal reflection, discussions, workshops, and guest speakers; all in a safe and caring environment, designed to build and fortify your inner image for that outer glow. The weekend will finish with an elegant evening of dining in formal attire.

* The Prayer Chambers – A time for Prayer, Praise, and Worship. Do you yearn to have a more personal relationship with the Father?  Learn how to release the fragrant oil of your adoration, as you come before the King and pour out your affection from your hearts of alabaster.  


In the Birthing Room…

* Created4Him – Overlays, wraps, dance veils, and other instruments for ministering your praise and worship.

* Exclusive label designer totes and bags created by QWEEN71. A delightful accessory for your veils, street wear or active wear.